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Top 10 3PL Solution Companies in APAC - 2021

3PL is leveraging data analytics to optimize the supply chain, increase end-to-end visibility, and roll out new capabilities. However, drawing value out of data can be challenging as the data continues to snowball. Moreover, with a large portion of information being unstructured, the organization and storage of data are proving to be time-consuming and expensive. And so shippers and 3PLs are focusing on improving the data accuracy by using state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies. Logistics providers are getting more operational and tactical with how they use insights into the supply chain to create value by optimizing networks and processes—contributing to overall improvement.

Additionally, technologies like RFID help improve shipment visibility and provide real-time shipment tracking capabilities. Coupled with state-of-the-art telemetry systems and route optimization capabilities that ensure not only driver safety but also quick and secure delivery of goods, critical supply chain functions that were once challenging can now be carried out effortlessly. Furthermore, to better cater to specific niche markets such as food processing, 3PL companies customize their solutions for specialized environments like cold storage facilities. The dynamism surrounding the 3PL sector has garnered the interest of enterprise CIOs determined to bring more value to customers.

To simplify the task of finding best-in-class 3PL solution providers, a distinguished panel comprising CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, analysts, and the Logistics Tech Outlook editorial board has reviewed hundreds of companies and shortlisted the ones spearheading innovation. The featured firms demonstrate an outstanding ability to innovate and deliver specialized solutions that suit clients’ requirements.

In this edition of Logistics Tech Outlook, we present to you “Top 10 3PL Solution Providers in APAC - 2021.”

    Top 3PL Solution Providers in APAC

  • CartonCloud is an easy-to-use 3PL (TMS) transport management system and (WMS) warehouse management system with automation technology to transform the logistics industry to become more efficient and move to paperless systems to reduce administration tasks immensely. With its sign-on glass technology for proof of deliveries and our laser scan technology to pick and pack in the warehouse all from a smartphone device


  • Storage Plus is a 100 per cent Australian-owned business established in 1999 with three storage facilities in Sydney and one in Kingsgrove, now serving over 25,000 customers. The company comprehensively understands the concerns of most businesses around 3PL services and specialises in optimising supply chain operations, empowering online stores to focus on the more intensive aspects of their business, such as marketing and business development. Storage Plus operates a local and international distribution centre located a few kilometres awayfrom Sydney CBD, which conducts seamless delivery and dispatch services all year round


  • As a holistic 3PL provider, the company is anexpert in packaging, warehousing, AU-wide courier and international freight whilst specializing in e-commerce fulfilment. The Megna Groupbrings affordable last-mile delivery options by leveraging its buying power as an aggregator, which gives clients access to various couriers at wholesale rates. Be it for international or pan AU orders, the company multi-carrier dispatching system selects the cheapest couriers, which, depending on the need, can be a combination of the company’s couriers or their clients’. Moreover, the company’s presence across multiple locations in Australia places its clients' products closer to their customers via fast delivery times and lower shipping costs


  • WMS Lite.com

    WMS Lite.com

    WMS-Lite.com’s Cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) offers 3PL the ultimate in capacity, flexibility and scalability to keep costs low and profits high

  • ACFS Port Logistics

    ACFS Port Logistics

    CFS Port Logistics is Australia’s largest privately owned container Logistics business. ACFS Port Logistics commenced operations in late 2005 with the vision of creating Australia’s premier landside logistics provider and we have over 30 years’ experience in running Port related business. The company employ more than 1,100 people and are growing everyday with operating facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. ACFS Port Logistics differentiates itself from other transport Logistics businesses by excellence in customer service, being abreast in technology innovations within the industry and most importantly investing in their staff. ACFS Port Logistics supports individual development and training along the way

  • AFS Logistics Australia

    AFS Logistics Australia

    AFS Logistics is an independently owned and operated Australian freight management company that was founded in 1994 and continues to prosper employing over 100 industry professionals. Its established success is by means of one simple business philosophy, “delivering beyond your expectations.” The company collaborates and consult with its clients' business and strives to understand their needs and facilitate the most appropriate and cost efficient supply chain solution. The current economic climate sees Australian businesses facing a significantly different business environment, and as a result businesses must take a hard-line approach to costs and there supply chain design by making challenging decisions to reduce expenditure to protect and safeguard their future

  • Logistics Systems International

    Logistics Systems International

    Dedicated to leading edge Supply Chain Technology since 1989, Logistics Systems International combines functionally-rich software with our team of highly skilled IT and logistics professionals to deliver an automated and transparent supply chain solution, connecting trading partners with Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors flowing through warehouses to freight carriers to customers. Working in conjunction with many ERP systems including from companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Infor and Oracle LSI delivers modular solutions which totally automate inbound product, warehouse management, distribution, eCommerce, freight management including proof of delivery capture whilst ensuring complete visibility and accuracy

  • Microlistics


    Microlistics is helping customers to navigate an environment of increasing supply chain complexity, technology fragmentation and rapidly changing consumer behaviour. Microlistics combine its deep supply chain expertise with market-leading, Gartner-rated Warehouse Management System (WMS) software and a partner-based approach to produce solutions guaranteed to deliver benefits to businesses. With a motto of ‘Warehousing Made Simple’ Microlistics is transforming supply chains, one warehouse at a time. Microlistics is a part of WiseTech Global, a leading provider of software solutions to the logistics industry globally. Driven by its flagship product CargoWise, Microlistics have innovated continuously and successfully for more than 25 years to become a leading provider of software solutions for over 17,000 customers across 160 countries

  • Paperless Warehousing

    Paperless Warehousing

    Paperless Warehousing is championing new ideas, investing in people, and pursuing innovative technologies. Today, the company powers some of the country’s leading warehouses in Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Cold Storage, Grocery, Food and Beverage, Electrical, Hazardous Goods, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals. The PWG team has a wealth of experience - from expert logistics and warehousing solutions with in-depth insight into warehouse operations and supply chain management. PWG has a cost-competitive, highly efficient solution for almost any business requiring warehousing services. We have successfully implemented prime projects across various industry sectors and implemented our software in over 12 countries

  • PFS


    Established in 1990 Premium Fulfilment Services (PFS) is a leading National provider of product fulfilment and outsourced business processing solutions. For over 25 years, PFS (Premium Fulfilment Services) have been trusted to deliver secure, accurate and innovative solutions that streamline E-commerce, Product Management, Warehousing and Distribution. Clients also benefit from our buying power to significantly reduce the cost of their Consumables, Print and Transport. The PremTechCRM™ platform provides real-time insight over the entire fulfilment value chain, delivering guaranteed order accuracy on time, every time